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    I've had Yahoo for years and never had an issue with logging on or order confirmations, so I guess that's not it. It's very weird. The whole thing is automated. I assume you log on to Walmart using your email as the UserName.

    A web search for "Can't Get Walmart EMails" finds a bunch of results, as does "Not Receiving Walmart Verification Codes," but the Code issue seems to be limited to the Walmart app on phones. I don't see anything real useful by skimming the articles, but it does seem to be an issue for some number of folks.

    You could Search your emails for to see if the emails (order confirmations) have automatically gotten moved (it's possible a Filter was set up.) At least this will let you know if they are somewhere besides your Inbox. I believe you need to Search the Trash folder as a separate might not get picked up in a general search.
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    I delete my trash permanently at least twice a week. Confirmations are kept in the Inbox until received and no problems are found then deleted. Since the Yahoo account has been deleted at my request I no longer have access to any of that information. As for Filters I've never used any I don't get the purpose of them.
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