Wagging The Moondoggie

Discussion in 'Reading & Writing' started by Yvonne Smith, Nov 22, 2015.

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    One of the things that I do every day, almost without fail, is to read and learn something new and interesting. Sometimes, I also watch Youtube videos; because you can find those for just about any topic that you want to learn more about.
    My mother was a prolific reader, and she was always reading at least one book, and often several at a time, as the inclination hit her.
    She started me reading when I was young, and I have enjoyed it ever since. I have never cared much for watching television, and now that I know that it puts us into a hypnotic trance, I try diligently to avoid it for the most part.
    All kinds of things catch my interest, and then I spend time learning about that topic until something else comes along that I want to learn more about.

    Anyway, one of the things that has always been of interest to me, is whether we actually made moon landings back 40+ years ago, and why we have not been able to do it since then, even though we have had huge technological advances in the years since that time.
    One of the most interesting things that I have read concerning this period of history is an article (almost an e-book) called "Wagging the Moondoggie".
    It goes through just about everything connected to the moonlandings, has some very interesting pictures, and explains things that I have never found in any of the articles written about the moon landings before.

    If you have any interest in this subject; I believe that you will find this an interesting, well-written, and very informative article on the moon landings.

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    I remember reading that the hardware (Rocket and LEM) were developed 50 years ahead of time, and that is why we went, when we did. Our "bus" was here, and we had to get on it!
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    Did they ever come up with a reason why the flag was waving? I had always been told there was no wind up there.
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    I think we went to the moon. We were in a space race with Russia. However, I see no reason to go back.
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