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    We lose our satellite every time we have a thunderstorm. When there are tornado warnings, this is when we most want to have the television so we can watch the weather that is approaching us in case they do spot a tornado.
    Thankfully, we bought a nice antenna from Amazon last year and Bobby installed that on our roof; so when we have bad weather, we switch over to the antenna.
    Truthfully, I think that you have the very best plan of all, @Chrissy Cross , and that is what we are going to do also. We probably would have done that before; but there was all of the election stuff going on, and the debates, and Bobby wanted to be able to watch everything on Fox News, which we can't get without the cable or satellite. Comcast kept raising their prices, too, and Sam's Club had a special for DIRECTV, so we changed over.
    Now, Bobby seldom even watches Fox; so there is really nothing that we can't get that we want to see , and the satellite is just wasted money each month.
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