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Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Bobby Cole, Jul 16, 2017.

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    If a guy ardently reads about and listens to those who have been married for a any great length of time it doesn't necessarily prepare a groom in the art of keeping mammy happy. Although they might have some good tidbits and maybe some do's and do not's, it's still a crap shoot at best whereby all the money is bet on the hard ways.

    Still, every now and then something happens that is a life changer and with the disparaging rarity of a good barbershop where a man could pass his good fortune of knowledge along, one must resort to the internet.
    Hence, my dear fellows, I am here to help you dispel of all of your ( if you have any) marital woes.

    My wife is a hard nut to crack in that she doesn't like jewelry and such so I just try to get her stuff and build things that would ice the cake, so to speak. I built her a porch with a ramp and while it got some pretty good reviews, wasn't the ticket I thought it might be. She asked me for her own tools so.....I bought her a little bag of ladies hand tools just for that small screw or nail that needed to be adjusted. That got a nod of approval but thus far, in the past couple of years, I'm the one who uses them. I could list everything from flowers to whatever and none yet has garnered the response that has compared to....................Hooking Up The Refrigerator Ice Maker!

    Yes gentlemen, marital joy and bliss doesn't come from any old ordinary ice maker from Sam's, but from a machine which whizzes, whirs, spits, sputters, makes cubes or crushed and comes with a handy dandy water dispenser to boot, all ready and waiting in the door of the fridge.

    Now guys, ya might say, " we already have one" but unless I miss my bet, when things get rough just strategically turn your icemaker off for a couple of days. Then, when things start to really come close to the edge, all ya havta do is monkey with the thing for a few minutes (ya gotta get messy and slam a couple of tools around) and bingo....the ice maker is working and all is a bit of heaven on earth.

    Now THAT's home improvement !!!
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    Wow @Bobby Cole, just think of all the money you could have saved if you had only known that ice cubes were the ticket it marital bliss. :rolleyes:

    For me, all Michael had to do was sing to me, and I was putty, which he figured out in our first year. My ticket with Michael was a steak cooked medium well, with a potato and onion hash, and fried green tomatoes. :)
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