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Discussion in 'Movies & Entertainment' started by Cody Fousnaugh, Dec 24, 2020.

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    I have watched all of Yellowstone and what put me off more than the totally unnecessary language at times was the abusive sex and the Hollywood liberal politics. Also, the idea of branding people and the rancher and Indian relations didn't paint the picture most ranchers want to be stereotyped with. It was no doubt written by some of the wealthy California liberals that moved to Montana and Wyoming.

    Longmire, I liked it as it was more authentic, but still was overboard on the Indian non-Indian relationship. While some of that exists it is not all that common as Hollywood insists. For 60 years of my 70, I have lived in the rural west and been close to Indian Reservations. Only once have I known of a rancher and Indian dispute. It was over an Elk shot on the reservation that crossed over to ranch land and then died on the roadside. I was on the jury and we found the defendant not guilty. Zero evidence it was shot on the private ranch.

    I dearly love Sam Elliott, but after a few minutes of his show, The Ranch. and I had to pull the plug. Lame to the core in my opinion.

    I too enjoy shows with rural scenery especially in places I have lived, but I fear they will be few and far between because it seems Hollywood wants to paint an undesirable picture of western rural America. Liberal politics will be the destruction of such shows. We need some patriot owned film companies and writers that can spin a great western story, yet keep things fairly realistic.
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    Well, the way we see it, all three, Yellowstone, Longmire and The Ranch were tv many respects, obviously, not real life. Herding cattle, sorting, branding, breaking horses, buying horses, jackpot ropings are real life things. Professional or "working cowboy" rodeos are also real. A cow-calf operation is a real type ranch, but there are also horse ranches.

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