Trump: As Long As We Have God, We Are Never, Ever Alone

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    Trump: ‘As Long as We Have God, We Are Never, Ever Alone’

    3 FEBRUARY, 2017

    The 45th president of the United States took part in his first-ever National Prayer Breakfast. “Today we continue a tradition begun by President Eisenhower some 64 years ago,” Trump said during the event that brings prominent leaders from across America and around the world. The religious gathering takes place in Washington, D.C., on the first Tuesday

    of February each year. Trump hailed the gathering as “a testament to the power of faith and is one of the great customs of our nation.” The event was also a chance for the president to thank the American people again for their prayers and encouragement. READ MORE

    Everyone on here pretty much knows that I am a Christian and all I can say about this News article today is: "God bless our President, keep guiding him with wisdom and discernment, provide him with everything he needs each day, and place a hedge of protection around him and his Jesus' name I pray. Amen"

    It brings me great joy to hear our President say God's name and talk about Him. And it gives me hope that maybe one day we will be "One Nation Under God" once again.
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