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Discussion in 'Shopping & Sales' started by Ken Anderson, Oct 21, 2015.

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    This might not be the kind of store you're likely to think about unless you're living on farm, own a tractor, or are already familiar with the Tractor Supply stores. I believe you'll find them all over the country, particularly in small to middle sized towns. We have one in Millinocket, and our population is only about two thousand.

    A Tractor Supply store will have all of the stuff that you might expect to find in a store by that name, but they also carry the least expensive brand of premium pet foods that I have ever come across, some of the best Christmas ornaments while in season, good quality tools, and old fashioned or unique candies and treats. They also have a great collection of do-it-yourself books and magazines, most of which tend to be farming related; I can usually do better on for the books, but it's nice to be able to browse the book at TSC first. The best thing about the Texas Supply stores, for most things however, is that their prices are great.

    I had been buying Claeys candies through for years before I noticed that they carry some of them at the Tractor Supply store here in town, and at better prices than They have different sized stores, so not every store will carry the full line of products available through TSC but you can order stuff to be delivered, either to your local store or to your house.
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    I have been doing business with Tractor Supply Stores for many years. There's a few stores in the West but from the Dakotas down through Texas eastward they are everywhere. at least in many states.
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    Just down the road from our Walmart is a Farm & Fleet store. They have some of everything, and the store is much neater and cleaner than Walmart. The prices are higher, but the shopping experience is much more pleasant. When I still had a car I shopped there all the time.
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    When I lived on my boat I found the prices for boat related thing very expensive. The tractor supply stores had thing better and at good prices. Living in a salt water environment your pumping supply are limited like steel copper are only a temporary fix but Tractor supply stores have nylon pipe connections used for chemicals which are perfect in salt water.
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