Town Water Vs. Tank Water? In Search For Our New House

Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Avigail David, May 22, 2016.

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    May 20, 2015
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    We use tank water (rain water) for 16 years now. We've had water delivered every month, just because of accidentals with: leaking joiner pipes overnight--suddenly, the water is gone, clogged gutters in which polyethylene/metal netting have not been installed since, drought periods, long showers, leaking taps (faucets) Other than these problems, and when addressed, we have been alright.

    We are in search of a property to buy and move in nearer CBD. My hubby insists on a small block of land in a suburb, with a new established house with all the conveniences of modern lifestyle. He wants town water. I do not agree, because, I love more acreage of land, space, peace and quiet where we don't have the next door neighbors--over the left, right and back fence to worry about when my homeschooled children and I run, scream and explore the outdoors.

    I've researched as well, about heavily fluoridated town water (government water mains). Not good. Rainwater is still my choice. The problem is, my hubby says he's tired of having to worry about water deliveries, fixtures and maintenance (hardly) which in fact, I am the one who fixes, monitors and organizes water usage and delivery schedules.

    I've seen a place, with 3 massive garage and sheds (which we only have one now) where larger roofs coverage of rain water collected in to 3x 26k gallons or water each tank capacity. Even with the well-maintained massive sheds and garage, my good darling husband would not consider buying the property! With affordability, even though the price of the property is the most reasonable compared around the area.

    I am frustrated! :mad: I need a miracle that the house and property will be preserved for us. A miracle that the property would not get sold other than, by us.

    Advice? :confused:
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    I'm with you on that one. Although I'd prefer well water to rainwater, for the sake of convenience, there's little to look forward to with city water other than rising bills. There is also a lot to be said for freedom and space.
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    Even though I want to move from here, as I have said many times, a process that seems further off than I care to admit, there is a certain beauty to living in the country that the city doesn't have. I would not want to be worrying about rain barrels and water deliveries though. I love my deep well, the water tastes fantastic, and I never have to worry about water bills. Maybe you could offer that to your husband as a sort of compromise. I am not sure what to say on this, other than clearly it is an issue you all are going to have to work out.
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