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    Every now and then, I'll look to see which of our pages are ranked highest by the various search engines. These change from day to day, although some of them might remain high. Mostly, it's hard to know why they rank highly, and sometimes an individual post comes up high. There's nothing to be learned from it, except perhaps for pages that routinely come up high. It doesn't mean that more people are looking at these pages, only that they are ranked high in Google's algorithm and so are more likely to show up in search results.

    1. Seniors Only Club (main page)
    2. Theories About Those Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories (post 198442)
    3. Trick Or Treat Is Coming (page 2)
    4. My Heart Back In Atrial Fibrillation Today (page 4)
    5. Introductions
    6. New Heroes Required
    7. Shopping & Sales
    8. Registered Members
    9. Why President Trump Won't Find It Easy To Drain The Swamp
    10. Omg! I Can Finally Rant About Kerosene Heaters!
    1. SENIORSonly Club (main page)
    2. Writing Thesaurus Series
    3. Heart Attack
    4. Getting A Pacemaker Saturday
    5. Notable Members
    6. Pick One Add Two (page 166)
    7. Keep One, Junk One (page 258)
    8. Help
    9. Double Acts (page 74)
    10. Sign up
    1. Writing Thesaurus Series
    2. Getting A Pacemaker Saturday
    3. SENIORSonly Club (main page)
    4. Pick One Add Two (page 166)
    5. Keep One, Junk One (page 258)
    6. Sign Up
    7. Double Acts (page 74)
    8. Heart Attack
    9. Donald Trump's New Tax Plan
    10. Help
    Yahoo is usually similar to Bing because they incorporate Bing's results with their own.

    Yandex (Damned Russians)
    1. SENIORSonly Club (main page)
    2. Anonymous
    3. Another Day Another Death Alan Rickman
    4. Hi-goodbye Coffee Opens It's Doors To Seniors (page 50)
    5. Hi-goodbye Coffee Opens It's Doors To Seniors (page 91)
    6. Post A Picture Game (page 5)
    7. The Good Morning Thread (page 19)
    8. The Good Morning Thread (page 99)
    9. What Does Roast Duck Tastes Like
    10. Zsa Zsa Gabor Dead At 99
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