To Bake Real Pumpkin Pies For Halloween

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Corie Henson, Oct 10, 2016.

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    This may be in the holidays category but I decided to place it here in the Food category.

    I had this plan since last year of baking pumpkin pie for Halloween giveaways to trick-or-treating kids. This foreign tradition is being practiced here for maybe 10 years already. But in our community, it started 3 years ago. Since pumpkin pie is the original snack for the occasion, I think it's good for a giveaway aside from the usual candies and coins. However, it's only now I realized that we are in Singapore in the last week of the month and we are to come home by Halloween. So maybe I will just buy pumpkin pies in Singapore, huh.
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    I have never even heard of having pumpkin pies on halloween, @Corie Henson . Over here, we traditionally have them for Thanksgiving , which is a time of having a big family meal and the pies for dessert.
    Mincemeat pie (my very favorite !) used to also be for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you can hardly find a pre-made mincemeat pie any more, and , alas, I am not a pie maker. I just never could get the crust right, so I make a cobbler instead, which can have more of a biscuit kind of crust.

    Over here, halloween is just a kid's celebration and time to go out and collect candy and treats. We used to get homemade cookies and apples; but after some crazy people started putting drugs or razorblades in the homemade offerings, kids were not allowed to take those anymore.
    How do you celebrate over in the Philippines with the pies ? Do you have actual family dinners on the occasion, special dinners ?
    I think the closest we ever came to that was when my mom got us apple cider and frosted doughnuts when we had the kids halloween parties.
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    Here in Hawaii many children go to malls to celebrate safe Halloween. When I was a child over 50 years ago, there were the first incident of finding razors in apples and candies. Last year they found needles in candies, terrible! The safest way to celebrate is going to the malls where they have lots of fun and free candies too! Our libraries have a little jar of candies for the patrons to take if they want located at most libraries. I always candies available but no one comes from our neighborhood guess children too big now. But I keep a pack of something to give away for Halloween trick-o-treaters that may come by our home. This year it's Keebler's cheese crackers, that I like, so if no one comes we'll eat it. Like Yvonne said most States don't give pumpkin pies for Halloween. We have stores that sell pumpkin pie all year round. Foodland has a no sugar added pumpkin pie that I love. Happy Halloween everyone.

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