Three Spectacular Events Occur on March 20th!

Discussion in 'Energy & Fuel' started by Yvonne Smith, Mar 18, 2015.

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    While this is not exactly weather-related, it is indeed an amazing phenomenon. Three events will all occurr on the same day this year, on Friday, March 20th. The first is the Spring Equinox, which is just a usual event that happens every spring at this time. The second is (of course) the eclipse that will happen on Friday, putting many of the European countries in the dark for almost two hours as the moon passes between earth and the sun.
    The third event, also fairly rare, is the Supermoon, which happens when the moon is at its closest distance from earth. However, in order for us to actually SEE the supermoon, it has to be a full moon, and since the eclipse can only be seen when the moon is a new moon; we will not actually be able to see the Supermoon, even though it is there.
    What is interesting and unusual, is that these three events are all happening on the same day. I am not sure whether this has ever occurred before; but even if it has; it is definitely a very rare event. I wish we could see the eclipse here in the United States; but it will only be visible in Europe and the UK.
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    There will be a partial solar eclipse where I live and I intend to be outside at the time. I know it won't go completely dark, because at the height of the last partial eclipse it was more like moonlight.

    I have seen a supermoon many times and I always celebrate the fact that in the months following the spring equinox there are more hours of daylight than hours of darkness.

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