They Must Think My Cat Is A Vegan

Discussion in 'Pets & Critters' started by Martin Alonzo, Dec 20, 2019.

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    I purchased some dry cat food, popular brand and I started reading the ingredients on the bag. As most people know the ingredients follow a pattern of largest amounts first. The ingredient start out with ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, poultry by-products meal, soybean meal, and meat& fish flavorings. Then on to vitamins and minerals.

    I have never seen a farmer chasing cats out of their corn fields or their soybean fields unless they might have been eating mice. Most books on animals say cats are carnivores but will eat some vegetation.

    Could it be the reason that these domesticated animal who live with human start having same medical problems as people? Probably the only thing saving a lot of these [cats & dogs] are the amount of vitamin and minerals added. If you told the veterinarian you want to feed your animal table scraps he would probably say are you trying to kill your pet.
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    I covered some of that in a thread that I started a few years back so, rather than repeating myself, I'll leave a link.


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