"They" Know Exactly What We Eat

Discussion in 'Conspiracies & Paranormal' started by Yvonne Smith, Apr 7, 2015.

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    We hear about "Big Brother" is watching you all the time. The government spy agencies can listen to our cell phones, tap our regular phones, watch us driving down the road on the hiway-cams. They can read our license plates if we are speeding.
    They can even tell what we are eating.
    Here is how I know.
    The other day my cell phone rang. (my private numbered cell-phone , by the way), and the number was not one that I recognised; but I answered it . It turned out to be a recorded message stating that on a certain date we had bought a carton of Blue Bell ice cream at Sam's Club. They even knew the flavor we bought.
    Now, the reason they had called , was to tell me to take the ice cream back because it might contain listeria . We ate the ice cream over two months ago (when we had purchased it); and since we are still alive and healthy; it apparently didn't have listeria in it. I pretty much just shrugged off the call.
    Then, I got to thinking about it. The caller know when I bought the ice cream, where I bought it at, and what flavor we had bought, plus some kind of a commodity number for the ice cream carton. And how in the heck did they also know my PHONE NUMBER ? ?
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    I also think the government has way too much information on the average citizen. You may have given out your phone number without realizing it. If you have a store card and it was swiped your information is on that, your address, phone number, what you purchased on what date, all of that information is stored on that card.

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