The Rare Seed Catalog

Discussion in 'Crops & Gardens' started by Ken Anderson, Dec 2, 2015.

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    One catalog that I receive each year and enjoy is The Rare Seed Catalog. You can view or even order their products online, but I much prefer to have the printed catalog. When I order, I order online but I like to browse the actual catalog. You can request one here.

    The Rare Seed Catalog not only includes seeds that are unusual, often varieties of vegetables or fruits that we're familiar with, but it also include heirloom seeds, and informational articles that you might find interesting.
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    It must be nearly springtime. We got two seed catalogs in the mail yesterday. Most of the catalogs we get have a selection of heirloom seeds. I'm not sure if we get one called rare seeds but we always get a lot of catalogs.

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