The Plane That Wasn't There, M H 370

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    This book is one of the non-fiction books available for free to anyone who has Amazon Prime. It is part of the Prime Reading Library. You don't actually buy the books, you just "borrow" them like you would from an online library, and then keep them until you have finished reading the book.
    It is also available free to anyone who has the Kindle Unlimited program.

    The author gives us a lot of interesting information that was probably not explained on the news broadcasts, if it was even mentioned at all. It goes in depth as to why they thought the plane went down in the ocean where they were looking for it, and then he also provides a possible alternate theory about there the plane might have gone instead.
    I am only partway through the book, and you can never really decide how good a book is until you have completely finished it; but so far, I am finding this to be very interesting reading. Some of it is more technical than I totally understand, but most of the time, anyone can get a good idea of what the author is telling us.


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