The Monroes

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    I took a short break from the Daniel Boone series to watch The Monroes, which only lasted one season (1966-1967), despite the fact (perhaps because of) that it's a nice, wholesome, family Western series about a group of kids whose parents are killed (in the first few minutes) while on the way to homestead land in Wyoming. One brother is about 17 or so, and a sister is 16, so they decide to continue on, with their younger brothers and sister. The show is about the troubles they encounter and conquer building a home in Wyoming at a time when it's mostly inhabited by Indians. Although I had never heard of it before, it's not bad. Probably, it was up against something that it couldn't beat in its time slot.

    One little bit I thought was funny. One of the local ranchers was trying to talk the older girl into teaching school. Trying to show that she wasn't qualified, she said, "I didn't even know that 9x6 was 42." The rancher replied, "It ain't. It's 45." Nothing was made of it after that but, of course, neither of those were correct.
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