The Jerusalem Artichokes Are All In Bloom Now !

Discussion in 'Crops & Gardens' started by Yvonne Smith, Oct 3, 2016.

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    All summer, the Jerusalem Artichokes slowly grow, and they do not blossom until into September. Now, they will bloom until we have frost and then they die.
    The first year, we just had a small row of the tubers that I had planted, and then last fall, they went to seed, and also, we didn't dig up any of the tubers.
    This year, we have enough of the plants that I will dig up some of them and use the tubers. The tubers are edible, and very healthy, so we will probably try eating some of them and see if we like them.
    From what I read, they can be eaten either raw or cooked, and are similar to a potato in flavor .

    We even had people picking the flowers a few days ago. Bobby was watching out the door, and then I heard him scolding someone that they should at least ask the property owner before they did that; so I went to see what was going on.
    A couple were walking down the street, and apparently, they decided to pick themselves a bouquet of the tiny sunflowers .
    I went out and talked to her, and told her that if she like them, to come back in another month and I will give her some seeds to plant. She thanked me, but never said a word about stealing the flowers. I guess that she thought that was an acceptable behavior.
    They are all down the front of the house by the road. My original plan was that they would be like a front border/hedge, but they spend all summer short and just get really tall in the fall.
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    I like that the one we were talking about that would do well here?

    Just rembered that was dinosaur kale..right?

    Anyway, they make a pretty fence!!

    Also, is that yellow flower in your avatar from the bush?
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