The Ghost and the Tsunami....

Discussion in 'Tall Tales & Fabrications' started by Yvonne Smith, May 1, 2015.

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    True story.... or hoax...... you decide.
    This is amazing footage taken during the 2011 tsunami in Japan that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear plant. The video starts with the water flooding in; but then you can see a strange ghost-like creature float up out of the water and into a tree. Later, it comes down from the tree, and goes up onto the rooftop of a nearby building.
    The last we see of it, the strange ghostly creature is seen disappearing behind another rooftop and out of sight.
    What IS this thing ? ?
    It does not look like any living creature possible in this world; but neither does the video looked like a hoax. It is obviously footage of the actual tsunami, and you can hear all of the expected background noises during the filming of the video.
    (disclaimer: I really thought I had already posted this story; but I can't see it anywhere. So if it is a duplicate, apologies, and enjoy it again...)

  2. Hannah Davis

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    All right, that was very strange. At first I thought, oh this is the sun reflecting off the waves from the water. Then when the white image starting floating up I thought, its it a kite or something like that. But it kept evaporating in mid air, which was telling me this wasn't a solid object because it wouldn't just keep disappearing. So, what was that, was it a ghost that just happen to get caught on tape. It was certainly starnge to watch that for sure.
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    I will go along that it may very well be some spirit. I don't believe anybody would make mockery of this disaster.
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    Whatever it was didn't float upon that roof but had to climb up on top of it. No Ghost. Still a fascinating video. Wouldn't you hate to be involved in a big one of those tsunamis?
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