The Fall Stinkbug Attack Is Here!

Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Yvonne Smith, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Apparently, it is worse in parts of the United States than it is here, from what Bobby was reading on Facebook this morning. As far as we are concerned, ANY stink bugs are too many stinkbugs !
    Harmless little critters that they are, they have to pack one of the worst smells for their size of any creature on the earth.
    Tootsie, our Blue Heeler mix seems to enjoy catching and eating some bugs, but after one taste of stinkbug; she runs and jumps up in the closest chair when she sees one. I don’t blame her.
    The worst infestation that I have ever seen was one fall in Idaho, and it seemed like the darn bugs were everywhere.
    I still chuckle when I remember the look on poor Bobby’s face when a stinkbug somehow got into his ham sandwich and he ate a bite. Bobby still remembers that, too; but I am pretty sure that he does not think it was as funny as I do.
    I get a really dirty look from him any time I ask him if he would like another stinkbug sandwich.....
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    Stinkbug sandwiches, eh? Never tried it and now I never will. Thanks for the heads up!

    We had stinkbugs where I grew up in New Mexico but not many. We have none here in BC. You must live in a "just right" climate for stinkbugs.
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    What do they smell like? Not sure I ever smelled one...might have seen one, they look familiar but not sure from where.

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