The Dreamer

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    I stand on the bank of the river watching the water roll past me. The river is up, swollen in size due to the spring rains. It rushes along faster than its normal pace when it is at its normal level. On the far bank I see a father and son fishing and several people are walking along it's bank. A stone makes a number of splashes as a young boy skips them across the water. I know where the river goes. Down stream is a picturesque waterfall. The water falls over a hundred feet splashing onto rocks below. Destruction awaits anything going over the falls and certain death to any living creature.

    I look upstream and see coming toward me, a small, flat bottomed boat. One individual sits in the middle of the boat. He is oar less. He yells for people on the far bank to help him. No one pays attention. As the boat nears, I look at the man and I am startled to see that it is me. I'm going on down the river and I am terrified for I can hear the waterfalls. It makes a constant roar. Yet, above all the noise I hear my name. The rocks are calling me and I know they have already claimed me and I am seeing a replay.

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