The Dreaded N Word Ni--er

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    OK this will be long.

    Had breakfast with my daughter on Saturday.

    She is a leftie nutter(But I still love her)

    Mentioned this word and the topic and she said what's wrong with that.

    Difference in English words between America and us.

    A story(Guess the word)

    About 4 years ago was playing Poker in Vegas a nice 20 odd year old American told me this.

    On a exchange to a collage in London he went with 3 English class mates to a Pub.

    One of his English mates said to him....That good looking girl at the bar Likes you you should go and introduce yourself.

    He went up to her did so telling him his name and she then hit him in the face tried to hit his +++++++(Guess the word yet)

    He staggered back to his table where all his English mates were pissing them selves.

    This word has a different meaning in England.

    The word is...……..

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