The Cherry Tree and The Outhouse

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    Imagine, if you will, (a bit of Rod Serling) a fairly high plateau atop a hill, and at the bottom we observe an outhouse. An upside down,....... outhouse.
    On top of the plateau we also observe a small log cabin about 200 feet away from the edge of the plateau. In that tiny log cabin we also see 6 children, ranging 16 to 8 years of age, (mamma and dad were busy people) huddling togeather toward the back of the main room. At the wide open door we see a middle aged farmer with his bib's on, yelling at the top of his voice. "WHO TIPPED MY OUTHOUSE OVER THE CLIFF?!!
    There was silence from each and every child.

    The daddy, gulping back his anger, quietly said, "okay, let me tell you a story about our nations first president when he was a young boy." "His name was, George Washington."
    One day young George was sharpening his new pickaxe and saw his daddy's cherry tree. Seeing the small tree, he decided to test out his new tool. So, he whacked at the tree and whacked some more until the tree was finally felled. (say that three times) Young George, satisfied with his work went to play with his artwork he called a presidential seal or somesort.
    When his daddy came home, he saw the felled tree and yelled, "Who chopped down my cherry tree?!!"
    George heard his daddy and quickly ran to him and said, "It is I, and I can't lie to you papa, I am the one with which chopped down yon cherry tree!" A tear came to his daddy's eye and he told his son, "because you have told the truth and did not try to lie, here is a brand new silver dollar with which you can throw across the river yonder, and a new saddle for that white colt of yours."

    Now, the kid's daddy quietly said, " since you heard the story, I will ask again." "Who knocked over my outhouse?" At that very point the oldest of the bunch leaped over the rest of the kids and stood boldly in front of his daddy and said, "It is I, and I can't fib to ya, I am the one which tipped over yon outhouse!"
    At that point the dad snatched hold of the teen and dropped kicked him about 30 feet and into the hog wallow. When the dad rushed at the boy to hand him some more country learning, the boy, covered in hog stuff and mud pleaded with the upset adult, "Why for did you drop kick me into the hog wallow, when you just said that George Washingtons daddy rewarded him for telling him the truth?"

    "Yup", replied the irate dad. "But you have to understand one simple thing about George and his daddy. George Washington's daddy wasn't IN the cherry tree when George chopped it down.!"
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    My, my, how we learn from things past and apply to the present. Another good one Bobby Cole.

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