The Black List Today In History

Discussion in 'History & Geography' started by Kalvin Mitnic, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Entertainers refuse to answer a congressional committee's questions on communism.
    Have we not learned?

    So many claims are made of crooked behavior that it's tearing the country apart. Half a counties citizens can't be faulted for having a different OPINION, but opinions are NOT facts.

    Freedoms were curtailed by McCarthyism. Some would encourage that now. What ever happened to having an honest difference of opinion without a violent response or an insulting accusation.
    Having elected a claimed populist, (some might dispute his role as acting as such), does not mean every cohort or person in his party are crooks. Nor does Hillary's baggage condemn every opponent of Trump. People have differences and there was a time such might be discussed to a better end not a bitter trend.

    (McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.)
    To Day we call it False News, but it's just as nefarious and wrong.
    Those that intimate claimed activities or deeds without proof are simply trolls with an agenda. Making a bald statement suggesting there is no justice or all things, all partisans to a party, a newspaper, a T.V. show are lies or subversive are simply McCarthy's by any other name.

    "When the House Un-American Activities Committee subpoenaed filmmakers to testify about communism in the industry, a few held their ground — and for a time, lost their livelihood."
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    I agree with you and I may have even been party to it on here, even though I do try and check my facts before I post.

    I am just fed up with both sides of the aisle and what is happening. I think my wake up call was when that Bernie supporter took a shot at that baseball game.

    There is too much hate on both sides and it won't end well with any of us in the US.

    I'm watching both sides and I see the constant lies and misinformation and baiting and everything that goes with it.

    Very hard to find the truth nowadays. :(

    I'm not happy with Democrats or Republicans..
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    Well @Kalvin Mitnic I have to admit you go a lot further with things then I even want to go anymore...and then again my enquiring mind wants to know: "What is that man talking about!" And then I have to go into my Snoop Dog mode and find out. And all I find out is that I really have no answers at all...because everyone claims to be telling the truth and all of them in one way or another are just telling partial truths because I don't believe any of them know the whole truth. It's gotten buried underneath to many lies, etc.

    So who belongs on the Black List? Probably all of them. But if we have no hope...then we have no future. For me my hope is in God and Jesus Christ for my future. But many are depending on the things and people of this world for their hope and furture...all I can say is what the Bible says: Place your trust in no man.
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    Why does every thread turn into a testimonial? Isn't there a forum for religious threads?
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    Christians can't really separate their religion from their life. Now, if the post had been a testimony that wasn't responsive to the topic of the thread, that would be another thing, but it was. I think it's fair to say that Christians view politics differently than non-Christians, which doesn't mean that they don't find themselves on the same side from time to time. When it comes to political lies, I know that I am more inclined to believe someone who has a reputation for being a Christian, and feel betrayed when they lie nevertheless, which does occur.

    As for McCarthyism, I think that it began as a righteous crusade. There were indeed a lot of communists in government, in Hollywood, and within the labor unions at the time. The problem with crusades is that the crusaders often don't want to stop when the objective has been met. In time, McCarthy saw communists everywhere, and if someone so much as spoke to a suspected communist, he was considered to be in league with the communists. Kind of like if someone speaks to a Russian ambassador today.
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    I detested the above, I felt people were again lumped together and some wrongly accused
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