Teacher Appreciation Week

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    This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. If you have any teachers in your life, make sure to say, "thank you".


    Do you have stories of a great teacher, one that may have changed your life or given you a love of learning?

    Mine was my 9th grade History teacher. He wasn't really concerned with details like dates, times and places. He was more into the stories. He taught us that history is nothing but a collection of stories - most often told by the winners!! :rolleyes:

    I remember him telling us the story of Rasputin and the Romanov's. His exciting recitation of the death of Rasputin had us all enthralled. First he was poisoned (my teacher imitating someone drinking tainted tea), then he was shot. He was then hit severely and then shot again in the head. Again, my teacher acted out the scene. Then he was thrown into the river - at which point my teacher jumped up on his desk and pretended to be thrown into the river. It really brought the dry, boring details from our history book to life!

    To this day, I have a love of history - of what went on and why. Who the major players were in certain events, and how those events changed the world. I can't tell you when the Battle of Hastings was fought, but I do know it was a turning point. The same with so many other events.

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