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Discussion in 'Help Requests' started by Ken Anderson, Mar 13, 2017.

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    What might increase the likelihood that someone will read your new thread? What can you do to encourage people to actually view the video that you have posted? How can you get people to read the article that you are sharing in a post?

    I have a few tips, and perhaps you can come up with others if you think about what might prompt you look further than what is in front of you.

    First, and I think this is the most important thing, you can give your thread a title that gives people an idea of what it's about. Not everyone is interested in everything that is posted here, nor does everyone have time to read everything here, so we look for things that sound interesting to us. So if you give your posts a title that lets other members know what it's about, they can more accurately determine whether they might be interested. That's a lot better for search engine purposes, too.

    Some videos that are embedded into the forum have titles or blurbs that do a pretty good job of letting people know what they are about and others, such as songs, may not need more than the artist's name and the song title.

    However, I don't watch even half of the videos that are posted here, either because I don't have the time or because I don't know if I'd be interested. If you would give me an idea as to why I should be interested in viewing the video, I'll be more likely to. So if you take the time to sell the video that you're embedding in the forum, more people are likely to view it. Give us an idea what it's about, why you believed that it was worth sharing.

    In most cases, it helps to know who did the video too. There are some video producers whose stuff I have no interest in watching, which certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn't share them because others may be interested. There are others that I've probably seen, because I follow their channel on Youtube.

    As for links, I like to know where the link is going to take me, so it helps to know what the source is. There too, you'll get more people to click on the link if you can tell us why you think its worth reading. A synopsis of the story might help in furthering discussion in the thread even from those who haven't read the entire article.

    These are a few tips, and I am not offering them as criticism of what anyone here is doing because I have often embedded video without explanation, and I sometimes post links without sufficient explanation. I do try to always state my source so that you will know which site you'll be visiting if you should decide to click the link, and I often quote sections of the source article.

    What might someone do to get you to read their thread, watch their video, or click on their links?
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    Agree with this and I would also like to know how the poster feels on the video OR link :)
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    I seldom look at videos wether someone said what it's about or not. I do that on my own because I have to really trust the source of a video. I usually just open posts.

    Also depends where the video is...I avoid some sections.

    But bottom line...if I know nothing about the video and it's source...I'm not bothering.
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