South Korea Considers A Nuclear Arsenal To Counter The North

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    The full article from McClatchy.

    Frankly, this should have taken place long ago. If South Korea does move in this direction and that is most likely, can Japan be far behind? Considering the historical love and admiration the countries in this region have towards each other... Japan might already have a secret stash.

    Japan certainly has the delivery system and material. The technical know how is very likely, given rumors that Japan did test a small bomb in Korea while we were dropping bombs on Japan... at the end of the war. In any case, assembly of all the items they currently have is about all that is necessary.

    South Korea considering such an option, would leave Japan with some just assembly required.

    Just a note: Experts say N.K. now has capability of hitting northern California. That also brings northern Europe into play, as well as central Europe, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

    Now China is faced with the possibility of North Korea, South Korea AND Japan having nuclear weapons down the road.

    What say China? The ball is in your court.

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