Solar Flare and Sun-Diving Comet in the News Today!

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    I love learning what is happening with the weather, both here and on the sun, so I am subscribed to a weather channel that reports on every weather situation all over the world.
    We have all been reading about the dangers of a large CME, and how it could put out our power grid, and leave parts, or maybe all, of the United States without power for a very long time. Without electricty to run things, we would not be able to make or repair the things we need to do to get the electrical griid back up and running again.
    Today , we had another of the sun-diving comets. That is a comet that comes into our solar system, and then crashes into the sun. Sometimes, they come close, but make it past the sun and then head back out of our solar system again.
    When they do explode into the sun, it usually causes the CME (coronal mass ejection), and whether it affects the earth depends on which way the flare erupts, and how strong it was. Mostly, they just disrupt radio frequencies, and inhibit commmunication. When we were have all of the planes crashing and disappearing; I was wondring if solar flares could have been disrupting the radio controls on the plance and maybe caused the crash.
    Fortunately for us, this CME was not very large, and it went away from the earth.


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