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Discussion in 'Self Employment' started by Yvonne Smith, Jan 22, 2015.

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    That is how i found the $40 from the previous day, @Von Jones , and the last $175 bid didn’t even show. I thought about it last night, and I think that someone had bid the $12 and then put on a cap of $40, so when I looked at it, it only showed a few bids and not very high.
    I am guessing that the seller himself placed the high bid on there, which forced the bid up past the last highest actual bidder (the $40 bid), and then the seller cancelled out his high bid of $175, leaving the $40 bid as the winner.
    This is the only thing that I can think of that fits all of the facts of what happened, and it is probably legal, although very unethical for the seller to do this.
    If I hadn’t happened to have been trying to bid at the exact same time as the seller was raising the bid to beyond the highest cap bid, I would never have seen this, and just assumed that the iPad had sold for the $40 high bid, like the bidding entries showed.
    In any case, I am not leaving any cap bids from now on, most likely.
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    @Yvonne Smith another way is if a bidder contacted the seller and made the $40 offer and the seller accepted seeing that the last bid was for $17.

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