Revelation 16:4 Bodies Of Water Around The Globe Are Turning Red

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    Bodies of water around the globe are reportedly turning blood red which has sparked a number of people to fear that the End Times are near. From seas to rivers, numerous bodies of water seemingly turn to blood overnight. With amazing pictures surfacing online of the incidents, a number of different groups are pointing to a biblical prophecy in Revelation 16:4, which describes an angel pouring a vial over earthly waters that cause them to turn to blood as proof that the apocalypse is near. However, is there another explanation besides impending apocalypse that explains the strange phenomena?
    Read more at BtfOCgxIQAApbcS.jpg CGgrN5GUAAAmE9d.jpg NASB_Revelation_16-4.jpg

    Do you believe this is Revelation 16:4 happening before our eyes? I do. What are your thoughts on this?
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