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Discussion in 'Retirement & Leisure' started by Frank Sanoica, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Our visiting friends, Gary and Vonda, got BOGOs for Edgewater Buffet, as we did, so we met them there for lunch today. Waiting in line, Gary turned to the couple behind us, engaged some conversation, and I heard him say "Maine"! I turned to the lady, and asked if she was from Maine. Confirmed, I asked if she knew where Millinocket was. She sure did. I remarked it's a small town. "It wasn't before the Mill closed down"! Unfortunately, I did not learn exactly where thery lived. We were next to the cashier, did not want to hold up the line. After a scrumptious lunch, we ran into them again. Gary learned they are wintering in Yuma (200 miles farther south), left their RV there and are up in Laughlin a few days.

    Imagine the "small world" idea: cattycorner clean across the U.S., timing just right in a food line! We reside in a popular area, it seems. Frank
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    Interesting. Yeah, at one time Millinocket was the second wealthiest town in the state. The mill carried Millinocket through the Great Depression without anyone losing their jobs. From what I understand, the employees volunteered to cut a few of their hours rather than for anyone to be laid off. Now, there are mostly retired people here, some new people who are on welfare, and a few people selling trinkets to the tourists, and a few of us earning a living online.
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