Raising Your Own Bees

Discussion in 'Crops & Gardens' started by Yvonne Smith, Feb 16, 2015.

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    This is another one of those topics that I had a hard time deciding where to place the thread; but this looked as close as I can come. Bees are necessary for pollinating, and having a few hives of bees is something that Bobby and I have often discussed.
    Mostly, it is the homestead-type of people who want to raise their own bees and have the fresh, raw honey; but I think that it would also be possible to do this if you have room enough to raise bees , even if you are living in town.
    The main concern was being able to take proper care of the bees, and then retrieving the honey without getting stung.
    I just found a webpage about a new way of keeping the bees, and you can actully hold your plate of pancakes under the drip spout and have the freshest possible honey on your pancakes !
    Now, that is not only amazing; but it would make the hobby of bee-keeping much easier, since you do not have to wear all of the bee-netting , take out the honeycombs, and extract the honey.
    If you have ever thought about keeping a few bees, this video will be very interesting to you, like it was to me.

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    That's really interesting, I wonder how it works. Somehow the bees have to be able to come and go, but the video didn't show any.

    My husband and I kept bees for a while back in the 80s and it really wasn't that difficult at all. As long as you are calm and relaxed and move slowly, they really don't bother you as you work around them. However, getting the honey out of the comb can be hard work. I'd love to see inside their hive to see how they're getting the honey out so easily.

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