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    I love a good railway station. I'm not a trainspotter and I'm not going to stand around taking photos of trains (unless I see one that's unusual) but I usually take a picture of a station wherever I go on my travels.

    Let's start with a couple of very different styles. The first is the magnificently Gothic St Pancras station in London. Incredibly, the powers that be intended to demolish this wonderful building in the 1960s. It took the efforts of campaigners, most notably the poet Sir John Betcheman, to save the station. Betcheman's reward is a statue within today's station.

    My second station is the new Hauptbahnhof in Berlin. I'm not usually keen on glass overload, but somehow this one has a great deal of style.

    St Pancras by Jon Combe 4877020608_dfef634844_b.jpg berlin_hauptbahnhof_aw050909_3.jpg

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