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Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Von Jones, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Okay. I was switching homeowners insurance and a home inspection that revealed a damaged window as one of the repairs that needed to be done. Now this 'damaged window' was located on an outside storm window and was no bigger than one of those mini digital cameras. So just yesterday I had some one come by to give me a quote on all the windows that had line cracks in them. I also asked for a quote on glass block for the basement windows which I would love to have but only asked for this because the guy traveled from another city and I felt a little guilty.

    The quote for the repair for 4 window panes was over $300 and for the glass block for 8 windows was over $2000 dollars. This is definitely a DIY project in the making even if it's just one window at a time.:D

    Have you had a quote that just blew you away?
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    Spending over 40 years in and around the construction industry, I've seen lots of estimates for various projects. For many contractors, "How much can I make on this one!" to "I'll give a low price and then find a number of things where I can jack up the cost as the work progresses." I still believe the word "honest contractor" is an oxymoron!!! But... there are a few out there. It just takes time to find them.

    We had both bathrooms redone a couple years ago. Got quotes from 4 different contractors. Ended up going with the low number, just because I had a good feeling about the person who gave the estimate. His crew did remarkable work... and then he closed down and retired!!! We had our driveway redone also. I work with concrete and am extremely sensitive about the quality of finished product. (Have personally placed or overseen in the neighborhood of 200,000 cubic yards of concrete construction.) Here I cautioned each of those giving bids that I would be watching and what I expected to see. One company owner who came to the house to give a number could not utter a single sentence without using the "F" word. I tore up his estimate before he left the driveway. A young man told of being raised in a small town west of us and he was trying to get started in the business. He and his helper did a superb job. I sold him three more jobs in the neighborhood.

    Don't settle for the first bid. Always try to find at least three who will give you a number. Never be afraid to ask questions. "Why is your price so much lower than the other bids? What did you leave out?" "Your number is significantly higher than the other quotes I rec'd. Why?" Small contractors are more comfortable outside near their truck than sitting in your living room. Wander outside to visit with them, trying to make lots of eye contact.

    Also, call the local supplier of the product you are looking for. In your case, find who in the area supplies glass block to the contractors. Call the supplier and get some recommendations from them as to contractors who have installed their product. Most suppliers want their product installed correctly and will only refer the professionals they trust.
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