Politico Correctness 101

Discussion in 'Education & Learning' started by Martin Alonzo, Jul 8, 2017.

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    I don’t think anyone can remember the day politico correctness started. In the 60 we had the hippies who started the whole idea of feeling being important and this idea gained ground until it was somewhat excepted. These people who filled the schools and universities became the teachers of the next generation and they pushed the ideas to extremes. The ideas of feeling are OK but it should not over ride common sense or laws. They slowly changed the language to make us think differently like crippled – handicapped - physical imparted – physically disabled. In the 1970 the new left began using the term politically correct then taken up by any group [feminists and progressives]. They believe their feeling are so important that everything else needs to change. I feel offended is the cry from the politico correct when I was younger my parents would say good now get over it. You cannot say anything that might offend someone which put comedy out of business. These people who really need therapy are telling everyone else they have to change if not we will call you names [ raciest, homophobic, Nazi and so on]. They like to be the victim and blame you for everything like you are white privilege another word you have to work for a living while we collect benefits. Feminist claim that they are not equal well there is more men in jail than women and there is more men committing suicide than women do you really want to be equal? The social pendulum swings from right to left and then back so I think we have finally reach the height of the left and it will start swing back and that scares the left very much. What will scare them the worst is when everyone starts laughing at them. With all their media, actors and money it will not help them.

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