Police State Against Free Speech

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    This is England but it is also happening in the US/ Canada

    Tommy Robinson: Out on bail — but it's not over yet

    Tommy Robinson's BANNED speech: "The British Police State"
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    I was just reading today about a proposed law in Arizona that would compromise even more of our rights and our freedom. For many years now, a person has to have a state-issued license to drive a vehicle on a public roadway. This license can be revoked if the police decide that you have broken driving laws, and not re-instated until they say it can.
    Now, they want to make it a law that the passengers in a vehicle must also carry identification, and if they do not do this (and provide it when asked) they can be charged with a crime and jailed for up to four months.
    We seem to creep up a little closer to losing all of our rights every day. Once this law is passed in one state, then other states will follow suit, and eventually, it would probably become a federal regulation that anyone has to carry an authorized identification on their person at all times.

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