Planted More Comfrey Today

Discussion in 'Crops & Gardens' started by Yvonne Smith, Apr 15, 2015.

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    When I lived in Idaho, I had a lot of comfrey, and every spring I would divide it and start more comfrey plants. Each year, I had more.
    Comfrey grows like a weed, and is usually just as hard to kill. If you chop it up with a rototiller, then you have just started a whole patch of comfrey, because every single bit of chopped root will grow.
    However, comfrey has a lot of medicinal uses, from both the roots and the leaves, so it is an excellent plant to be growing.
    Plus, it is also a great green tea to feed your plants , made from the comfrey leaves. Mainly, I have used it as a cooked green, or made into a tea, or in a green smoothie.
    It makes a good substitute for spinach when cooked; but not so good raw because the leaves are fuzzy underneath (which goes away when cooked). People have eaten comfrey and used it as a medicine for centuries, however, some company did a research test and decided that lab rats that were fed comfrey extract were more likely to get cancer than rats that were not, and they said it was bad for the liver.
    So (just like sassafrass tea) we are told that it is not safe to consume.
    People DO still eat it anyway, and I have used it for many years, with no harmful results.

    Anyway....back to my story.... somehow, the comfrey that I transported here from Idaho and have grown for several years , died last summer, and did not come back up this spring. So, I ordered more from e-bay, and just finished planting 15 nice comfrey roots out alongside of the house.
    Hopefully, these will all come up and start growing. It will take a good year for the root system to get developed; but I will still have a few leaves to use this summer, hopefully.

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