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Discussion in 'Dreams & Interpretations' started by Yvonne Smith, Jun 21, 2018.

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    Most of my dreams include a house, often one that I am struggling with boxes and boxes of stuff, trying to move into the house or out of that house and into a different house.
    Occasionally, I will dream about the house in Idaho where I grew up (and in those dreams I am living there and not moving), but most of the time these “dream houses” exist only in my dreams, and do not even vaguely represent any house that I have ever lived in or even seen in my awake life.

    The interesting part is that, even though these houses were never real, they re-occur in my dreams, over and over.
    Sometimes, I am moving out of a house and back into one that , even in my dream, I remember moving out of a few dreams back.
    One of my favorite dream houses was a really old (Victorian ?) style home that was at least 3 stories tall, maybe even more. The bottom story was an elegantly furnished apartment/home that. Had 4-5 bedrooms, lots of bathrooms, and an amazing living and dining area. I would dream that I lived there with my kids, and they loved all of the bedrooms, and would argue over who got which bedroom.
    The rest of the house was totally a derelict, with cobwebs everywhere, empty rooms dusty floors, and windy stairs that went from one floor up to the next one, and it was easy to get lost when you got in that part of the house.
    I think that it might have even been haunted, but I don’t remember that part for sure.

    I seldom dream about that house anymore, and I kind of miss it; but there are other houses that just seem to come up , and even in my dream state, I remember that they are a house from some earlier dream .
    Does anyone else have places that are recurring in your dreams, real or otherwise ?
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    Yvonne, I also had a recurrent dream, for years, about a house. It was 4 stories high. I just bought it and it was in very bad shape. I never even went up to the 4th floor, because I was afraid the whole house would fall down if I did. The dream hasn't been back lately, but I do dream about houses a lot still.

    My mother said she also had a recurrent dream about a house. All I remember her saying was she would walk in and it was filled up with beautiful furniture, as if someone was storing it there.

    I suspect there is a good reason for it, in my case. Let's just say, I've taken a lot of kidding over the years about my house. LOL
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    I have already forgotten much of it but, this morning, after I had gotten up, I fell asleep reclining on the couch, and dreamt about returning to a house where I used to live, although there was nothing about the house that was even remotely like one that I have lived in. Of course, I wasn't aware of that while I was still dreaming.

    I remember there was the kind of sadness that I get when making a last walk-through of a house that I am moving out of, or even driving by a house where I used to live. The house was empty of furniture. Then, at some point, which made sense at the time but I no longer remember how it came about, I was sitting on a chair in front of the house talking a guy who had been my neighbor when I lived in that house, although he wasn't anyone who I actually knew either. I remember that he was a fun guy to talk to, and I enjoyed reminiscing with him, although it was all made up by my dream-self.

    This was not a reoccurring dream, however. I don't think I have ever dreamed about this house before.
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