Pearl Harbor - Dec. 7, 1941 - The Only Color Film Of The Attack

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    "NOTE: This is all original color film, not B&W that has been colored, or stock footage made by a studio. This is the only known real color film of the attack on Pearl Harbor".

    "This COLOR footage of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was shot by CWO4 Clyde Daughtry. The original footage has since been lost, and the poor quality of this footage is due to the fact that it is a copy. Among the many valuable portions of this footage are shots of USS Nevada (BB-36) underway and firing back at Japanese aircraft, USS Oglala (CM-4) rolling over and sinking, and USS St. Louis underway (CL-4)".

    "A Zephyrhills man stumbled on an incredible find connected to the Pearl Harbor attacks while purchasing war memorabilia".

    "John Bolender is an avid collector of WWII memorabilia and recently he placed an ad looking to buy more".

    "A woman answered the ad offering to sell boxes of old photos for $400.
    When he opened the boxes he discovered it was filled with hundreds of photos taken by Chief Warrant Officer Clyde Daughtry, a photographer with the Navy".

    "Daughtry captured dozens of images on film during the Pearl Harbor attacks. Some of those photos, his journal, and even a flag flown on the U.S.S. Argonne during the attacks were in the box. Officer Daughtry was on board the Argonne when the attacks started".

    "Normally, when someone says they have a lot of photographs, a large amount would be a small shoebox full, " said Bolender. "When we got there, there was at least two footlockers full of photographs."

    "The collection also contains several hundred negatives which Bolender hopes to get developed. He said he is excited to see what else Daughtry captured on film.
    Officer Clyde Daughtry died in 1995 in Fort Myers".
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    The horrible carnage, perhaps attributable to our own unscrupulous President, perhaps not. The unprecedented gathering of the entire Pacific Fleet in one port........never done before then, likely not accepted by standard Naval Codes, yet he sent them there to their demise.

    A surreptitious and heinous plan to focus Americans' hatred, bring about acceptance of entering the War? Maybe. If so, it worked. Had we not had a "Pearl Harbor", then what would have happened? Japanese control over Australia, China, Manchuria, Korea, the Philippines, what else? Strictly conjecture, of course. But, if FDR DID acknowledge acceptance of a Pearl slaughter to those Jap emissaries in Washington during Fall, 1941, his soul should rightfully roast perpetually in Hell.

    Rant over.
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