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    I am really feeling the urge to get out and be creative with some of our outdoor living space. So today I have been busy looking at pictures on the internet of outdoor spaces that I really like to get some ideas.

    Since we have a small (around 600 square feet) Acadiana Cottage for our home, we really don't have a lot of entertaining area inside. But the outside yard is really huge and there are so many possibilities for setting up a haven for outside entertaining a few or quite a few family members or friends. And to have a peaceful space outdoors as well as indoors.

    For instance...this is our central view from our porch and the picture below it is a picture I found that I thought would make a good haven area for this view area.
    I would want to put a swing wih an awning on it in here somewhere and pots of colorful flowers scattered among the plants and some kind of privacy fencing that you could trail vines on. etc. I think that is a fire pit between the two lounging chairs which is something I would definitely want too. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on things and with some of the ideas I saw I don't think I would have too.

    It's nice looking out at the big open yard we have but I'd like to make a peaceful haven in here and enjoy our home as much outdoors and I do indoors.
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