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    It used to be that our Easter get together would always be at my home. But then life changes. Once we downsized to a very much smaller home...that wasn't doable anymore. Then my Mom passed away and the next year the whole Family Crawfish Boils and Family Reunions started happening each Saturday before Easter.

    For the past few years my middle daughter has been having Easter Sunday at her home. She makes a crawfish pasta casserole that is wonderful and then invites our family, and all the in-laws and their families plus a friend or two. Everyone brings additional meats, sides, and desserts and we all leave stuffed! :) [000093].jpg [000098].jpg [000060].jpg

    This year we were celebrating not only Easter but two March Birthdays in our family too.
    The kids enjoyed the pool.
    And this year I got some new family pictures. [000010].jpg [000008].jpg [000043].jpg [000013].jpg

    My family is growing so fast it seems. The oldest grandchild is 20 years old now and our youngest will be 2 in September. Ten beautiful grandkids and another one due in October. We are blessed indeed and so thankful for every one of these blessings.

    I also realize what a blessing it is that all my daughters and their families live in the same City as we do. If they didn't it would make it a lot harder to have these get togethers and spend as much time with each other as we do. Most of all I'm thankful that in spite of their very busy lives, they all still feel it is important that we do have family time together and they find a way to make it happen. I love my family...they are priceless. :)
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    Oh as always such beautiful photos of the family @Babs Hunt , I'm very pleased you all had a wonderful time celebrating Easter and birthdays. I can hardly believe looking at you, that you would have a 20 year old grandchild, you looks waaayyy too young.. but I do remember when the little ones were born, and they've grown so fast already..
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