Once Upon A Texas Train

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    From the same DVD as Nothing Too Good For a Cowboy, Once Upon a Texas Train is a fun movie. Made in 1988, the story begins with a train robbery in Texas. The Texas Rangers learned about it in advance and were waiting for it, capturing the robbers. Twenty years later, the head of the outlaw gang is paroled on good behavior. Six hours later, he and his brother rob a bank.

    The Texas Ranger who had initially arrested him had become friendly with him, and had recommended his parole so, although he is old, he volunteers to go after him.

    Everyone on both sides are old, except for a group of young robbers who rob the gold that the old robbers had taken, and the cast is made up mostly of stars from old Westerns, including Willie Nelson, Richard Widmark (Yellow Sky, The Alamo, and How the West Was Won), Chuck Connors (The Rifleman), Stuart Whitman (Cimarron Strip), Jack Elam (The Dakotas, The Night of the Grizzly), Ken Curtis (Festus on Gunsmoke), Royal Dano, Gene Evans (My Friend Flicka), and Dub Taylor (The Taming of the West, Wild Bill Hickok, King of Dodge City). Shaun Cassidy plays the leader of the young group of outlaws. Others who appear include Angie Dickinson, Kevin McCarthy, and Harry Carey, Jr.

    Most of them can no longer shoot, and some of them can barely see. One of them rode a bicycle to the meeting place because he didn't have a horse. It's not uproariously slapstick funny, but it's fun. The aging Texas Rangers and the aging outlaws end up teaming up against the gang of young outlaws.

    The Texas Rangers characters appeared twenty years before in the pilot for The Over-The-Hill Gang, which was followed by the Over-The-Hill Gang Rides Again, although the TV series it was supposed to have piloted never aired, and these movies cast different actors in these roles.
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