On Being "loyal Locals"

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    We both get Dining Credits from several of the hotels here, why? The call us "Loyal Locals". I call us Loyal Yokels. Anyhow, my wife gets two $10 credits a month, I get two $5. This is in addition to two Buy one Get one buffets each. We could easily join the ranks of the obese!

    A new burger joint, "Wild Style", went in where the McDonalds closed, in the middle of the Edgewater Casino. They grind the beef right in view, looks like good quality meat. Their burgers are reasonably priced, their patties weigh 5 ounces (my wife measures everything!). Since she is on low-carbs, essentially, we use her $10 credit to buy two double patty burgers, my $5 one to buy one, net cost then, $3.21. Take 'em home, wife uses the patties as part of her diet, I use mine in my veggie soup. The buns go to the birds, Quail mainly, some Grackels, the Pigeons we run off.

    How hungry might a bunny rabbit living in the desert be? Look closely below. He's eating cut-up buns. Beyond are Quail and a Pigeon.

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