Oh, Wow! I Love The Live Pictures On My Ipad!

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    I knew that Apple had the new picture feature that makes the pictures you take "come alive" for a few seconds, but I hadn't really paid any attention to that until just now.
    We have this little stray dog and i took pictures of her to put on the local lost/found dog page on Facebook.
    Then, I was doing a search back through the pictures of lost dogs posted earlier this year, hoping to find her. And there she was, way back in February, she had been at the dog pound, and they had a picture posted on the facebook page.
    So, the next thing that I did was compare the pictures that I took of this dog with the photo from the dog pound.
    The only thing was, every time I looked at MY picture of her, she TURNED her head ! !

    After trying the picture about a half dozen times, not believing that I was actually seeing her moving, I remembered that Apple had the living pictures feature, and then I held my finger on the picture just a little longer to see if that was what was happening.
    Since the little dog was wiggling and looking around when I was trying to take her picture, the living picture actually caught her turning her head.
    This feature is amazing ! !
    What is does is film about 3 seconds of video, plus the still picture. When you hold your finger on the picture, then the video activates, and you can see the picture actually moving, assuming that the subject of your picture was also moving.
    Here is a youtube example of how this feature works.

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