Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy

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    Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy was a TV movie produced in 1998, which I had never heard of. This is not surprising because I was pretty busy running an ambulance company then and wasn’t watching a lot of television. Apparently, it was a pilot for a series because I see there was a television series that ran only one season (1998-1999) with two of the three main stars, and the same plot, so I guess they lost one of the stars for the series.

    The show takes place in 1939, and its about the experiences of a couple of young men who are running a ranch in British Columbia, facing difficulties relating to the fact that most of the available ranch hands are serving in World War II, so they have to hire kids instead.

    It's a fairly typical plot. One of the kids they hire is actually a girl, pretending to be a guy because she needs the work, and there's an evil banker plotting to make them fail to that he can get their land.

    It probably won’t go down in history as one of the all time great movies, but it’s a good watch. It’s part of a DVD set I bought a year or two or three ago, but never even took the plastic off, of fifteen Westerns.
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    Sounds good and reminded me of the John Wayne film 'The Cowboys' - great movie

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