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Discussion in 'Self Employment' started by Lilly Smith, Jul 27, 2015.

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    @Diane Lane , that sounds like something that I would enjoy doing , too ! Can you share any links to good focus groups, or do we have to find something that is in our area ?
    I think that I have seen opportunities for a focus group when I was doing surveys, but I didn't really know what it involved, and so I didn't sign up for it.

    Many years ago, before we had so many things happening through the internet, I had a short part-time job working for a company that did product testing. It was a lot of fun, and one of the things that I most enjoyed; but they probably do not do it that way anymore
    I was assigned an area, walked through the area and knocked on doors. When people answered, I would explain that we were doing a product testing survey on XXX product. The product might be hand lotion , cigarettes, baby diapers, or dog food, or just about any other thing that we could easily deliver.
    When people were interested, then I came back and delivered a sample product to them, and went back in a few days to a week later, to see how they had liked the product. Sometimes, it was a comparison, so they hadtwo products to try and see which one they preferred, and why. I would sit down and ask them all of the survey questions each time.
    If there was left over test products, we usually picked those up and we got to keep any of those that we wanted to use ourselves.

    Nowdays, we just sign up online, and answer an online questionaire afterwards..... much simpler !
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    @Yvonne Smith It's whichever market research companies are in your area, or you can go to and might be able to find local ones on that site. Sometimes location doesn't matter, and you will see listings for phone or internet studies that you can participate in. The internet studies usually require a webcam and high speed internet. I love trying products and getting paid for it, although, I might consider trying some that didn't pay, if I were interested in the particular items. That's something I am looking into right now. If I find anything in your area or nationwide, I'll try to remember to let you know. When you go to the link I posted, sign up to follow the research groups on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you have accounts, so you can keep an eye on studies, but also sign up to be a member, and you'll usually get emails about particular studies you qualify for.
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    I agree, I have followed this blog and I can say it is truly excellent!
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    I had a look at both sites you linked. They look very inspiring. There are opportunities in the web to grab and take the chance-- to all citizens of U.S.A! Good luck! :)

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