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    We have devices all over the house connected to our Internet connection, including from four to six computers at any given time, a couple of Kindles, three Rokus or, alternately, a couple of Amazon TV Fire Sticks, plus a couple of iPhones. Most of this worked just fine the way things were but the upstairs Roku didn't have a very good connection and my wife was having trouble connecting wirelessly to the printer.

    So we bought a Netgear wireless booster. Although we could have bought just the booster and it would probably have paired okay with our Linksys router, we decided to get the one that came with a router.

    So I switched out our router today. Ordinarily, this wouldn't have been a problem since I've done it plenty of times before. But this time, I powered up the modem after connecting everything, including the booster, then powered up the router.

    Then it was a matter of setting up the new wireless system on my computer, which is a one-time thing. This had to be done through an Ethernet cable because, of course, the wireless system wasn't set up yet.

    Apparently, the Ethernet port on my iMac doesn't work. I had notice that before, but I wasn't sure if the problem was with my iMac, the cable or the device that I was pairing it with. Since I had a wireless option, it didn't really matter so I set that problem behind.

    However, it wouldn't recognize my Ethernet connection. So I got my MacBook out so that I could set it up with that. It didn't recognize my Ethernet connection there either.

    So, while my wife was on the phone with tech support. She has to do that because I usually end up yelling at someone and either they'll hang up on me or I'll hang up on them. Anyhow, while she was on the phone with tech support, I was checking the things that tech support was suggesting.

    Sure enough, I surely would have yelled at her if I had been on the phone because, after she suggested connecting to the Internet to do something, it became clear to me that she thought we already were connected to the Internet, which meant that she didn't even understand the problem that had been clearly stated.

    Then when my wife suggested we could connect through our iPhone hotspot, tech support insisted that wouldn't work, giving me the idea that she didn't know what a hotspot was either. Yeah, I would have yelled at her for sure, or at least suggested kindly that she was an imbecile, feeling confident that she wouldn't know what an imbecile was anyhow. They don't teach that stuff in India.

    However, while I was looking for something else she wanted us the check out, I noticed that the model lights weren't on. Not one to admit that I was the imbecile, I quietly plugged it back in, after which things quickly worked themselves out.

    Minutes later, I realized what the problem had been. Lydia has a habit of lying on top of the router, no doubt because it's warm. I had tucked the modem, router, and Roku away into a slatted crate in order discourage her from doing that but she wasn't at all deterred, so I'm guessing that she stepped on the modem while I was in the other room plugging in the booster, probably pushing the power cable out just enough to lose its connection, although it was still in the slot. Because I had plugged it in. After all, I'm not an imbecile.

    Things seem to be working okay now.
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