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Discussion in 'Help Requests' started by Ken Anderson, Jun 6, 2016.

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    If you need help with something, or if you want to report something that you think someone ought to do something about, please either
    • Use the "Report" function if there is something that you want to alert me about; or
    • You can send a Private Conversation either my @Admin or my @Ken Anderson accounts; or
    • Post a thread specifically about the problem that you are having in the "Help Requests" area. This is particularly helpful if you have reason to believe that others might be having the same problem.
    Otherwise, when you post to complain about something that someone has said in a forum thread, you make it more difficult for me to do anything about it because your post will undoubtedly spur others to comment on it as well, and then I will have to delete everyone's posts. Plus, this just unnecessarily stirs people up and hijacks the actual topic of the thread.

    While you're at it, you might check through the "Help Requests" area to see if someone else has had the same problem, as there may be a solution there.

    If something is wrong, I probably do want to know about it but there aren't too many things that go wrong that are urgent. If someone posts spam, definitely let me know about it because this forum has become large enough that I can't read every post in every thread. However, if the spam post remains there for a couple of hours before I get to it, no real harm has been done, particularly if no one replies to it.

    Even if someone has said something that you find offensive, can you really say that you are harmed by it if it isn't deleted immediately? More than once, there have been objections to posts here that I decided to leave in because there were already a lot of replies to it, and the problem seemed to have been resolved by the community.

    That's also an alternative to offensive posts, particularly if the member responsible for it didn't intend to be offensive. By politely letting someone know that you took offense at something, the problem can sometimes be resolved within the community as such things are often resolved in real life. You probably don't call the police every time someone offends you.

    However, please try to do so without taking the thread off-topic. You can do that by including comments related to the thread topic within the post.

    However, if you believe that the post was sufficiently offensive so as to warrant deletion, then please don't reply to it. Use the "Report" function and I will make a decision once I have seen it.
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