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    The National Dream Center is a webpage dedicated to analyzing people's dreams to see if they are receiving predictions about things that are actually going to take place.
    It was started by George Ure (who writes the Urban Survival Blog), and then taken over by a friend of his when he got too busy to run the dream center and his webpage both.
    They have programs that you can join, where you try to think about a specific thing when you go to sleep at night, in the hopes of producing a dream on that subject.
    You can list your dreams at the dream center; or you can just read thrugh some of the dreams that have been posted there, and see what you think they might be predicting.
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    :oops:Thanks for sharing about National Dream Center. I get dreams and wonder what it means. When I dream of a person I never see them again usually. It's like they came to say goodbye in my dreams. :(

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