Nascar Making History!

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    Two female pit crew members making history in Daytona Cup race!

    At the Coke Zero Sugar 400, both an African-American girl and a White girl were in the pit changing tires for one of the drivers. The black girl had all kinds press and NASCAR watching her, since NASCAR has always been a predominately White sport with males. Danica Patrick made history, being the only girl driver to race in NASCAR, but had to quit.

    NASCAR has a new diversity program going on that the young black girl got involved with. She hopes that more people, of her race, will get involved with the sport and that more women will as well.

    As for me, I'd love to see a black male or female NASCAR driver AND more women joining pit crews.

    Women have quickly progressed more and more in life and I think that terrific!

    All I can say is...….."You GO ladies!!"

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