My Co-worker And Friend, Paul Gallo

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    Same name as the wine! I started out in my first job as a Lab Technician, for the Victor Manufacturing & Gasket Co. Some of you likely have used Victor products if "into" cars. My boss took me across the street from the main plant, to a brick garage structure, and introduced me to him: big, burly, light blonde hair, big as a bear, just as strong. But friendly. Once I got to know him, and got past his reluctance to accept "another college boy", we liked each other's company. He had heard through the "pipeline" that I had built race cars, weled up custom exhaust systems for them, made my own engine mounts, ran a lathe, etc. Paul greatly respected those who could DO, rather than SAY, and I respected his abilities more greatly than I did my own. This guy could disassemble an automatic transmission, rebuild it, and put it back together in an afternoon!

    He was older than I, that I saw. Maybe 5 years, I was then 21. Soon, we were "tight", sharing known company inconsistencies knowing absolute mutual trust was present. This long story shortened a bit, I left the Chicago Plant in '72, returning to the Churubusco, IN Plant in '78. By then, I had lost track of Paul. I quit the company for the 2nd. and last time in1979, and moved out West with my new wife Debbie. 13 years later, I had a wild hair to go back to see the old Plant, flew from Phoenix to Chicago, sought out Paul and the old gang. The Chicago Plant was all but deserted, no receptionist (Helen Fox likely long expired), Tool & Die Department deserted, dozens of toolroom machines gone, a few young Maintenance Guys had no recollection of names I asked them: Ted Szymanski, Electrical Foreman, Charlie Schmidt, Experimental Shop Foreman, and on, and on. The place was a MORGUE! I learned the testing and R & D had been moved from Chicago to Lisle, a Western Suburb of Chicago. Driving out there, I found Paul Gallo, fat and old, 20 years since I had seen him, and others I knew earlier. He still lived in Berwyn (IL), same house, he said. I went there that evening, we sat on his front steps, he almost wept when informed I had travelled from PHX to Chicago to see an old friend! Didn't think he was worth it. He died before I could see him again, sadly.

    If ever a guy lived whom I could say I loved, it was Paul Gallo. Rough & tumble, strong as an ox, very quick to smile & laugh, might kill if "crossed". Thank you for taking the time to read this tribute to one of the few men I have known who I respected more than can be explained. Frank

    Below, Paul is testing a speed control unit he installed, as Victor was examining getting into the marketing of the "new" option.

    Here, the combustion chamber and rotor of a brand-new Wankel rotary engine he removed from an NSU Spider car, 1965, the purpose of which was to determine potential market value of sealing products for the new engine type. I have other pics of Paul, but only few, and they are not processed by my image outfit. I you might like to see more, let me know.

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